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Users meeting the specified criteria you gave are sophisticated in our database and displayed in the order 'last active' on the portal.

By default, users are displayed with a photograph which meets Your criteria (specified in preferences).

On one side, you will see the 20 items.

Recommended and Notes

Typically, you are looking for on the site dating website this one, remember so that how precise your your criteria (preferences, preferences ...) such you will get results.

The more precise criteria, the better - provide preferences not only age, but also think about growth, hair colour, religion, etc.

To search for user profiles, you can further filter - see 'Filter results' at the top of the screen

Users that meet the other criteria than in your preferences we are looking for by clicking on the menu item 'Search'.

Criteria (preferences) that should satisfy the dream by You, the user of the portal we list and selecting 'My profile' from the menu and then 'Edit Preferences' from the drop down list (submenu).